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    3003 Coated aluminum coil


     3003 coated aluminum coil description






    Coating material:PE(Polyethylene),PVDF(Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
    Coating thickness: 4-20microns for single-coated,23-28 microns for double-coated,
    30-38 microns for Triply-coated
    Color: Any color is available,as per your sample or our sample
    Application:widely used in roofing and cladding system , celling system, curtain wall plate, shutter, gutter ,composite panel, can,home appliances board and embossed aluminum coil, honeycomb panels, lighting decoration ,car bodies,household electrical applicances,food package(pop can cover & ring-pull) and so on

    3003 Coated aluminum coil Chemical composition(The mass fraction %)

    Si: max 0.6   Fe:max 0.7  Cu:0.05-0.2   Mn:1.0-1.5 Zn: max 0.1 other:0.05  Al: remaining

    3003 Coated aluminum coil Mechanical properties

    Temper: O (Soft)   Tensile strength :95-140 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 35 Mpa, elongation: min 15%

    Temper: H12   Tensile strength :120-160 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 90 Mpa, elongation: min 3%

    Temper: H14   Tensile strength :140-180 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 125 Mpa, elongation: min 2%

    Temper: H16  Tensile strength :170-210 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 150 Mpa, elongation: min 1%

    Temper: H18  Tensile strength :Min 190 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 170 Mpa, elongation: min 1%

    Temper: H22 Tensile strength :120-160 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 80 Mpa, elongation: min 6%

    Temper: H24 Tensile strength :145-195 Mpa  ,yield strength :min 115 Mpa, elongation: min 4%

    Temper: H26 Tensile strength :170-210  Mpa  ,yield strength :min 140 Mpa, elongation: min 2%

     Temper: H28 Tensile strength :min 190  Mpa  ,yield strength :min 160 Mpa, elongation: min 2%

     3003 Color coated aluminum coil feature
    1.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Smooth and flat surface
    2.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Weather resistance
    3.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Good quality surface finish
    4.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Anti-corrosion
    5.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Anti-ultraviolet
    6.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Excellent weather-proof durability
    7.3003 coated aluminum coil have the High erosion resistance
    8.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Stable color and gloss
    9.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Good mechanical processing performance
    10.3003 coated aluminum coil have the Abrasion resistance

    3003 Color coated aluminium coil color match
    1. For general colors,please refer to our color chart
    2. For custom’ color requests,we can deal as following:
    a. Supply a physical color sample. A color sample on metal is preferred,if other,it is also acceptable.But the color matching rate may be not good as color on metal.
    b. New color sample is usually offered by our paint supplier in 5-7 days,special color should be in 7-10 days.Will send you the new color metal sample in 2-3 days after our color matching department get the paint.
    c. Upon receipt of color sample,please approve in writing ASAP,.Once you approved,we will arrange purchasing the paint and arrange production.

    Note about the color:
    Color difference maybe occurred in different production batch,so it is suggested all panels are placed in one order for same project,And keep same direction as arrow on protective film when installing to avoid any color difference by vision


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